Timber Deck

The Durable Wood Decks Add Instant Charm and Practicality

Timber Decks are practical and timeless at the same time, where the durable wood decks add instant charm and unmatched practicality and durability in the long run. Timber decks are wooden platforms that can be placed around the vicinity to cover unsightly fixtures like drains and pipes. They can also be used flexibly, and creatively for an assortment of architecture needs. Eco Roofing Design provides a wide range of timber decks, for both indoor and outdoor spaces. Timber decks are flexible additions to your home architecture. They can be built from different wood high quality timber materials such as  Balau wood and Chengal wood (mostly timber deck is recommended Chengal wood), according to your budget. Hardwood timber decks provide a stylish addition to enhance your home space, with a unique wooden tone and grains. Timber decks are aesthetically and practically amazing for homes, but it requires regular maintenance to make sure your decks will last you for a very long time. We offer a wide variety of hardwood sourced from different countries, for you to choose from for your timber decks. The natural grains and wooden tones will render a unique yet timeless look and feel for your timber decks. Whether you prefer a weathered look, or a polished glaze, Eco Roofing Design is here to help accomplish. The processes from production, installation to maintenance, are completed by a team of professional technicians to guarantee you the quality assurance.

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Timber Deck

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