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Clay Tiles, GCI Eagle, Romance TBF, Concrete Tiles, Elabana, Contour

Roof tiles are designed to provide shield from rain and heat of the sun. Traditionally, roof tiles are made from clay or slate. However, these days, roof tiles are also made of concrete materials. We offer a wide range of roof tiles for homes and offices. We provide and install premium quality roofing solutions in Malaysia, where manufacture only the best roof tiles. Roof tile is an important finishing component to your home, especially under harsh weather conditions like we have in a tropical country like Malaysia. Our roof tiles can be used as extensions to your outdoor creation at home. These roof tiles are designed with an interlocking system, which makes it extra secure as well as for easy installation. Our roof tiles are made from clay tiles, GCI Eagle, Romance TBF, Concrete Tiles, Elabana, Contour etc. Our wide selection will definitely meet your personal tastes and requirements. They are designed with different textures, patterns and colors, to make sure that it fits into modern architecture design languages. These designs are very timeless, that combines classic and traditional styles to give you high performing and aesthetically perfect roof system. Is a fully complements Malaysia's historical and cultural richness. Aside from aesthetics, our roof tiles have superior solar reflectance and thermal reflectance to make sure your home is cool all the time. Our roof tiles offer other benefits like long lasting colors, good weather resistance, environmental friendly, and of course contemporarily designed and built. The processes from production, installation to maintenance, are completed by a team of professional technicians to guarantee you the quality assurance. Please feel free to browse through our catalog of different roof tiles, and also other home improvement range and services on the website.

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Roof Tiles

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